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Dirty Dozen 2012

Dirty Dozen 2012
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BabyStep #4: Organic Produce

So, why should we buy organic? Is it a conspiracy? Are they just making this up to charge us more? What produce is really important to buy organic?

These are all questions I had when I started changing over what we purchased.  I really felt more liberated when I found the list on www.foodnews.org.  It taught me that we don’t “have” to buy everything organic, that we can purchase the “dirty dozen” in the organic form and the rest we can purchase from our local farmers who carefully harvest these REAL foods for us.

What is Organic?

“Organic” is a designation used by the US Department of Agriculture National Organic Program to certify food that is produced without synthetic chemicals or fertilizers, genetic engineering, radiation or sewage sludge.

Why do we need to buy Organic?

Pesticides are toxic by design.

They are created expressly to kill living organisms — insects, plants, and fungi that are considered “pests.”

Many pesticides pose health dangers to people.  These risks have been established by independent research scientists and physicians across the world.

As acknowledged by U.S. and international government agencies, different pesticides have been linked to a variety of health problems, including:

  • nervous system toxicity
  • cancer
  • hormone system effects
  • skin, eye and lung irritation

Are there pesticides in our system?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s national biomonitoring program has detected pesticides in blood and urine samples from 95.6 percent of more than 5,000 Americans age 6 and older. (CDC 2009).

Is it too late to change?

No… Studies led by Chensheng Lu of Emory University found that concentrations of organophosphate pesticides (This particular pesticide has been linked to ADD/ADHD), including chlorpyrifos and malathion, in elementary school-age children’s bodies peaked during the summer, when they ate the most fresh produce.   But just five days after switching to an all-organic diet, tests found their bodies essentially pesticide-free.
(Lu 2006, 2008).

So how do I shop now?

Personally, I try to stick to the following list.  We have had seasons of our life where finances were tighter. At that time we truly only purchased the main produce in the organic form.  But we should strive to be as LOCAL and as ORGANIC as possible for the sake of our own bodies and our children’s bodies and future health.

This list is what made me feel more liberated. Knowing that the EWG (Environmental Working Group) had done the research for me, helped me feel “not as guilty” for buying my bananas covered in pesticides.

How do I wash my produce that I don’t buy organic?

When I get home from the grocery store or farmers market, I fill up my sink full of water and 2 drops of Basic H2 from Shaklee.  This stuff is amazing and lasts forever! For under $10, you can use it for hundreds of purposes from basic window cleaning, to washing your cars, to cleaning your veggies!! It’s simply the greatest product ever!! :)  So, my produce gets a good cleaning with this organic cleaner, I let it air dry and I have complete confidence that my kids can reach for any fruit or veggie and not ingest poisons.

If you’re like me, it’s a big step to change your budget around to buy organic produce. But think of the confidence you will have, and the possible side effects that you’re avoiding.

For more of your questions answered and referenced, you can go to www.foodnews.org and read more.  The information here has been adapted from their website.

Happy shopping!

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